Mahabodhi International Meditation Center

Meditation in Action, Compassion in Action

Aims And Objectives

  • To promote understanding and appreciation of diverse ethnic culture of different parts and tribal communities of Ladakh, its ancient & vibrant Buddhist heritage, art and philosophy of Buddhism with the help of talks by eminent masters & scholars, seminars, ethnic exposition, films, literary discussion, cultural performances, photo exhibition, book fair, handicraft and culinary festivals.IFBHL 2014 bearb
  • To foster a cohesive cultural relationship and understanding amongst Buddhist countries by providing a congenial stage for wide spectrum of interaction and cooperation.
  • To promote spiritual tourism in Ladakh renowned world over for its unbroken ancient Buddhist heritage and present another facet of India, the land of origin of Buddha Dhamma & heritage.
  • To promote Buddhist heritage of Ladakh as pilgrimage among Buddhist population of Far East & South Asian countries.
  • To retrace and revive the ancient cultural, spiritual and economic linkage between Ladakh, Mongolia, Russian Far East and countries of Central Asia.
  • To highlight and retrace the importance of Ladakh in the ancient silk route and promote research, study and re-establishing the cultural exchange
  • To meet our objectives, the event planning includes:-
  • Seminar & lecture on Buddhist heritage & its ancient silk route by eminent personalities.wisdom bearb
  • Highlight contribution of Ladakh to discoveries and preservation of the ancient Buddhist texts in Tibet by great explorers.
  • Highlight Ladakh as treasure trove of Buddhist art and scriptures.
  • Cultural Performance-Local & foreign tribal ethnic folk show by eminent Indian and foreign performing groups
  • Buddhist & Ladakhi Literary Festival-Literary talks by eminent authors both local, rest of India and from abroad, book reading & book exhibition.
  • Film Festival-Screening & discussion on Buddhist cinema with Buddhist themes along with talks by eminent filmmakers.
  • Yoga & meditation session
  • Cultural Heritage Tour: Cultural heritage tour of famous monasteries & destinations in Ladakh.
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