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Mahakaruna Diwas observed in Mumbai 24-25th February, 2018


In pursuance to promote world peace, Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre and Mahakaruna Foundation have been organzizing Mahakaruna Diwas celebration since 2013. Spurred on by this great success of Mahakaruna Diwas, Last year the event was organized in eight mega cities of India and in several countries in South East Asia and Europe. Considering the tremendous positive response received from all the seekers of truth and lovers of peace, Bhikkhu Sanghasena, the man behind the conceptualizing this great phenomenon decided to carry forward into 2018 too.

Mahakaruna (Great Compassion) lies at the heart-centre of our vision and mission at our organization and with this as our guiding principle, we have decided to continue to carry Mahakaruna Diwas forward. Thus Mahakaruna Diwas 2018 was held in Mumbai on 24 and 25th February. Shri Rajkumar Badole, Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice & Special Assistance, Government of Maharashtra was Chief Guest on this auspicious occasion. Many prominent government officials, Politicians, religious and social leaders with over one thousand audience have graced this propitious event. Among the large numbers of guests from Ladakh Padmashree Murup Namgyal and Dr.Thuptan Paldan have also graced the event. 

In his welcome speech, Bhikkhu Sanghasena, the Chairman of the organizing committee of Mahakaruna Diwas and founder president of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, Leh Ladakh and Mahakaruna Foundation have explained how Mahakaruna Diwas; the great compassion in Action program can bring radical change in the world 
“Mahakaruna (Great Compassion) lies at the heart-centre of our vision and mission and with this as our guiding principle, with a firm and full conviction, and an unyielding faith in the transformative power of Mahakaruna. We have decided to continue to carry it forward year-on-year.
Mahakaruna, as a fully-embodies and highly active personal and social transformation program, is yet another important initiative of ours to address the many challenges and threats that face our world today-from sectarianism, violence, poverty, hunger, disease, environment degradation, excessive consumerism, and so on.


My vision, through Mahakaruna Diwas is to raise public awareness and recognition of the priceless value of unconditional, universal and all inclusive great compassion not only for human beings but for the whole existence-going beyond all kind of boundaries of nationalities religions, races and colors, thus opening the heart and embracing all; this phenomenon alone can save the world and the humanity from going further destructions.

Mahakaruna, expressed through compassionate action, is an urgent call to take care of our planet Earth, our follow living beings, our human society, so that the air remain pure, the water remain clean, the tree remain green, the animals remain on this earth, and we all come to peacefully co-exist, with joy and well-being, on this very planet, which we call “home”.
When we take time to calm our mind, to reflect upon our sense of shared humanity, we are powerfully reminded that the whole 7 billion plus people who lives on this planet Earth are intimately interconnected and deeply interdependent. Recollecting what it truly means to be “human”, our shared humanity, and our inter-relatedness with the living environment that surrounds and sustains us, the most urgent and pressing needs of our time is clearly Mahakaruna- Great Compassion, which has the power to transform all before it.,
Mahakaruna–Compassion in action is intend to empower, educate and energies individuals to create the largest community in the world taking action through compassion.”


A group of 21 youth members; 11 young members from Mahabodhi youth wing, Ladakh and 10 members from Maharashtra were selected for Jambodhipa-Suvernabhumi youth exchange program in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Bhikkhu Sanghasena, Dr.Harshadeep Kemble, Madam. Rojana along with the special guests on the dais blessed the youth members by handing over the traveling documents to the each youth member. 

A group of 30 young cultural artists, drawn from the Mahabodhi residential school from Ladakh, their celestial music and divine dance presented series of gorgeous and fascinating programs on the message of Mahakaruna which thrilled the entire audience of Mumbai! 
A one day Mahakaruna Meditation camp was also organized in the beautiful; Mighty Universal majestic building Chembur, Mumbai. It was truly something very special for the stressful and fast moving people of Mumbai to seat down quietly and to experience the dose of inner tranquility. Bhikkhu Sanghasena lead the meditators step by step to the core of life where for a short while meditators transcended the confused and chaos material world and enjoyed the inner happiness and peace. Many of the meditators have expressed wish to go Ladakh to join longer course of meditation at Mahabodhi international meditation Centre.


Bhikkhu Sanghasena says frequently “Meditation is experiencing Buddha-hood within oneself and compassion is radiating the fragrance of that Buddha-hood in all direction.”

During the Mahakaruna day celebration, the office of Mahabodhi Ladakh Cultural Centre (MLCC) in Bombay was also inaugurated by the Chief Guest. Mahabodhi Ladakh cultural Centre (MLCC), Bombay will organize series of cultural exchange programs. The secretary of the Maharashtra tourism who was present at Mahakaruna Diwas has expressed keen interest to take up series of programs in collaboration with Mahabodhi Ladakh Cultural centre. MLCC will strengthen and widen the bridge between the people of Mumbai and Ladakh. 

The chief guest and all the distinguished dignitaries have expressed deep appreciation to the great work being done by Bhikkhu Sanghasena.


A documentary film on the life and work of Bhikkhu Sanghasena titled “Bhikkhu Sanghasena, the silent reformer” was also screened during the program.  Dhamma books and Buddha statues were also distributed during the Mahakaruna Diwas.

We like to thank Dr. Harshdeep Kamble, the President of National builder Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Vichar Mahotsav samiti, Mumbai and members and volunteers of his organization for their unreserved support in making Mahakaruna Divas a great success.

We also like to express our gratitude Dr. Sanjay Bosele and Mr Pravin Kadam for very generously providing office space for Mahabodhi Ladakh Cultural Centre, Mumbai at Universal Majestic Building, Chembur, Mumbai.
May the Mahakaruna-unconditional compassion spread into every corner of this globe.


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