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Sambodhi Retreat Centre

"In this turbulent and troubled era, seemingly so dominated by personal and collective greed, hatred and delusion, meditation is the supreme medicine and hope for all societies." This is the treasured belief of our revered meditation teacher, Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena.

Meditation is experiencing buddhahood

Sambodhi Retreat Centre

The incredibly beautiful Sambodhi Retreat Centre, an inspiring oasis of tranquil contemplation, is situated in a secluded corner of the transformative Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre campus.
The centre is dominated by Rocky Mountains on one side and golden sand dunes on the other. The sweet scent of fragrant and jewel-like flowers, which line the footpaths of the centre, play joyfully on the senses, while enigmatic stupas, reclusive meditation kuties, abundant prayer flags, and the most sacred and eye-catching Milarepa rock cave provide silent spiritual encouragement.
The Sambodhi Retreat Centre is exceptionally well designed and very thoughtfully appointed. In fact, our most revered spiritual guide and meditation teacher, Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena, has personally overseen all aspects of the centre’s design, construction and management with a singularly humanitarian vision: to create a unique, world-renowned contemplative venue, which is appealing to all seekers of truth and lovers of peace, irrespective of their religious inclinations, caste or creed. As a consequence, the centre provides an incredibly warm welcome to all genuine seekers who are looking to incorporate timeless and universal spiritual truths into their daily lives.

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